Engineer with a Flying Camera

My name is Dennis King. I am a long time photographer, engineer and a licensed private investigator. I bring my passion for photography, technology and drones to help communities, businesses, and individuals in my area.

I am certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) under the Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Rule as a Remote Pilot.   To earn my license, I passed the the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Exam based on the same content pilots of manned aircraft learn.   This includes, risk management, aircraft safety, proper use of regulated airspace, radio communication, and airport operations among other topics.   I was trained by a certified flight instructor and I re-certify every two years. 

Remote Pilot Working

I specialize in drone photography services for businesses and provide traditional photography (ground, interior) for clients that need comprehensive services.

Photography isn’t new, but with today’s small and agile aircraft, the opportunities to give your business a competitive edge, to improve project communications, and avoid costly maintenance issues is greater than ever.

In my personal and professional life I’ve taken over 70,000 photos and captured nearly 1000 hours of video on action cameras, drones, and standard cameras.

When not doing commercial photography, my focus is on wilderness trips in some of the most beautiful locations in the United States. I’m a former Scout leader, motorcycle rider, amateur radio operator, and outdoor enthusiast.

I am available for work in city, rural and (remote) wilderness locations.

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