Aerial Image Packages

Basic Property Shoot: $195

Traditional real estate aerial property shoot with 8 aerial photos at or above roof level plus 2 higher altitude photos of property.  You only need to provide the address, emailed permission to shoot on the property.  No one needs to be present for the shoot.  I will choose the best “weather/sunlight” day to meet your project goals.  Photos will be uploaded to Dropbox so you can download them the same day as the shoot.
(Agency volume discounts available. Please contact me for details).

“Support your Marketing Campaign” (with Photos and Video):  $395

Have an event you want to promote or showcase? Working with a creative agency and need photos and video?

This package includes everything in the “Basic Property Shoot” plus additional aerial photos and several video clips suitable for website and social media posting.  I typically shoot 20+ photos and video clips on smaller properties. 

Video clip examples:  orbit flight around property (subject at center of orbit), fly-up to the property along road or driveway, flight over the property with reveals (pop-up).  Videos are easy to post on social media or websites.  No music, text on videos.  Videos are typically edited to 5-30 seconds each.  These video clips are suitable for inclusion in other creative products.  They are also perfect if you would like to have materials to post to multiple social media sites where you will add your own audio and branding, e.g., Instagram, Facebook.Additional Photos:  Multiple higher altitude photos that highlight and show off the entire property (and allow easy reference to nearby landmarks/roads).  Usually from cardinal directions (N,S,E,W, NE, SE, NW, SW), but chosen based on time of day, angle of sun.

360 Panorama Photos: Taken at 400 and 200 feet elevations, these are dramatic 360 degree views of the business that potential customers can pan around to see where you are in relation major landmarks. 

Shooting and Production Time:
While each project may vary, this package includes up to a half day of shooting onsite and minimal post-production editing, e.g. cropping and light color work.  I usually plan either a morning OR afternoon shoot. 

Premium Social Media Campaign (Photos, Video, and Basic Production):  $895

This package includes everything in the “Support Your Marketing Campaign” plus a professional 30 to 90 second video with (YouTube) copyright-free music.  If you prefer, other music options are available but may require an additional licensing fee. 

This professional video brings together all the property photos and video clips to dramatically present your business.  Includes title and text for the property, your contact information and your logo if provided.

Shooting and Production Time: This usually requires up to a [combined] full day of shooting onsite and video production off site at my studio.   Zoom (or alternative) planning call included.

Legal and Safety: 

Aerial Rotor Images is owned and operated by Dennis King, an FAA certified (Part 107) commercial drone pilot. 

All aerial photography is limited to safe and accessible airspace around the subject property.  We follow applicable federal and state regulations to ensure safety and are committed to exceeding customer expectations by providing high quality aerial images and videos that have a direct impact on their business.

Thank you for the opportunity to help you present your business to your customers.