Personal Message on Fair Use

Welcome and thank you for taking a moment to understand. 

I hope you enjoy my work.  If you have arrived on this page, it’s likely that we know each other in-real-life (IRL) and are already connected through an online site. Maybe that just recently happened!

I will note this page is not publicly linked on my website.  It is only shared with people that have demonstrated an interest in my work or are considerate enough to ask how to properly use it. 

Thank you for being one of those people.

How Can I Help? (or the TL;DR “too long; didn’t read” Version)

I want people to share my content individually and attribute it to me.  There are “fair use” statutes in the U.S. for educational purposes. Individual social media sites bury all manner of language in their agreements that allow things to be shared on that same site. We are all left to sort that out on our own to a large extent.

If you want to support me, you can Buy Me a Coffee here.  It’s not necessary, but if my dream comes true (see below), you will be in a short list of very important people I will celebrate publicly.  😊

I also greatly appreciate it if you share my website with potential customers. A personal referral goes a long way as an introduction.

[end of the TL;DR]

Why Dennis shares Photos

1.  Please know that I create content for the enjoyment of others and myself. If I’ve shared a photo or video somewhere under my name or my company’s name, I intended for you to see it and enjoy it.  There are few joys in the world that exceed knowing you’ve touched the life of someone else positively. 

“Liking”, “re-tweeting”, or otherwise sharing my content is encouraged and appreciated. From a legal position, attributing it to me is the safest approach .

2.  I sincerely would like to be able to afford to create content, to practice and develop my skills, to get better at making things people enjoy. To this point, cost often comes into the question.  I have to maintain professional licenses (example: FAA drone pilot), purchase equipment (cameras, batteries, laptops), and be able to afford to travel to places where I can take photos.  The hard costs are not trivial and this is before we count the hours I spend taking photos and video, processing, and preparing. People are generally surprised when they discover how long a single good photo can take to produce.

The Story of a Dream

I would love to be a full time content creator, to provide photos and videos that truly excite, inform, create joy, comfort, peace or pleasure for you.  I want to wake up very day and ask, “Where can I go to create amazing photos and videos that people will love?”

In my limited knowledge of the universe, I believe that means some of my audience (clients, patrons?) will need to compensate me for my work. 

If I can achieve the right balance, then I am free to give away content to organizations and people that can not really afford it, but might benefit. If you have a way to contribute to that long term dream, I appreciate it. In the meantime enjoy and share.

Copyright and Fair Use

Here are a few nice links.   I am not an attorney.  The US Copyright Office publishes this information on copyright.  It is neither exciting or entertaining, but it’s what they say.

I’ll leave research on Fair Use to you. My work is not released under a “creative” license so it’s important that people learn how they can use materials before they share them. I have a hard time taking issue with someone that’s promoting my work.

License a Photo or Video

If you would like to use my work in to further your organization (commercial, non-profit, other), I offer very reasonable licensing rates on single photos. Contact me through this website and you can have a 100% legal right to use images to help tell your story to others as well.