Why and How I Fly


There are two reasons I fly, “commercial work” or “recreational”. I follow FAA Rules and applicable laws in both circumstances. If I am wearing a YELLOW safety vest, it is almost 100% certain I am flying for work. If I am not wearing a vest, I may just be flying recreationally. I don’t mind if members of the public ask.

Where I Fly

I follow a checklist of pre-flight activities that includes selecting a legal launch location on public property for my flight. I ensure that I am legally authorized to fly in the airspace at my location. When required, I formally request FAA permission to fly in controlled airspace using an App on my phone.

Part 107 Licensed

I am licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) under the Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Rule as a Remote Pilot. To earn my license, I was found physically and mentally safe to fly and passed an FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Exam based on the same content pilots of manned aircraft learn. This includes, risk management, aircraft safety, proper use of regulated airspace, radio communication, and airport operations among other topics. I was trained by a certified flight instructor and passed my test with a score far exceeding the minimum threshold.

For more information, see: https://www.faa.gov/uas/commercial_operators/become_a_drone_pilot/


Across my 30 years in business and my personal life, I have always been a strong advocate of security and privacy rights for individuals and a proponent of 4th amendment protections. I am also professionally bound by ethical standards and as a private investigator trained and tested on state laws covering individual privacy. I have passed numerous background checks for professional purposes. I am qualified and current in all my professions.

As a parent and former volunteer in the BSA, I have spent years learning and following state and federal laws related to the protection of youth. I bring all of this experience and knowledge to my aerial business as well to ensure the rights and safety of anyone I film during my work are protected. It would not be unrealistic to say I’m likely more informed and stricter about privacy laws and practices than most people outside of the direct legal profession.