“Safety is a Journey, not a Destination”

[Keynote at this year’s FAA Symposium by “FAA Administrator Steve Dickson, June 9, 2021]

“We are in the final stages of selecting the Test Administrators for The Recreational UAS Safety Test. Deployment of the test will be announced soon on our website – FAA.gov.

The test will provide recreational pilots with safety training tips, best practices, and educational resources. Perhaps more importantly, I see it as a way to bring more recreational pilots into the pilot family and aviation safety culture so that we can all continue to learn and grow, together. Deployment of the test will be announced on our website.

I like to say that Safety is a journey, not a destination, and that journey requires all of us to continually learn and grow as aviators. That’s how we—all of us here—keep it safe.”

FAA Drone Zone
FAA Drone Zone