Two Million by 2024

Keynote at this year’s FAA Symposium by “FAA Administrator Steve Dickson, June 9, 2021

Mr. Dickson spoke to the virtual event this year sharing there are now 900,000 drones registered in the U.S. By 2024, they are predicting more than two million commercial and recreational drones flying.

He also noted “…drones are still doing good for civilization. Here are a few quick examples:

….A missing woman located by Virginia police using a drone with thermal imaging last December;

….the Savannah River National Laboratory monitoring a nuclear waste site with a fleet of drones, and winning a prestigious Department of Energy award for it….

….Alameda County, California, drones are used to create 360 degree images of fire-devastated areas so residents can assess damage to their property without having to return to the dangerous area